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    We make it our priority to protect customer information and are continually educating on the latest scams and cyberattacks. The good news is you have the power to protect yourself online. Knowing what to look for is your first line of defense.
    Reporting Fraud

    If you think you are a victim to fraud, take action immediately.  

    Take an active role in the safety of your personal information

    Stay ahead of potential cyber thieves with these helpful tips.

    Security for Your Business

    Computer criminals are developing new ways to steal money each and every day. However, you can rest assured we take every measure to keep your accounts safe and secure from even the most sophisticated computer attacks.

    Security Center Glossary

    Commonly Used Security Terms

    4 Simple Steps to Stop a Cyber Thief [Infographic]

    Take an active role in protecting the safety of your personal information with these four simple steps.

    Online Security

    For more than 100 years Central Bancompany banks have remained committed to providing individuals and businesses with the highest level of financial strength, soundness and security available.

    Protect Yourself Online

    Learn how we are protecting you and how you can protect yourself.

    Krebs on Security

    In-depth security news and investigation