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  • Checknology can save you time and money [Infographic]


    Our Exclusive Checknology℠ Can Save You Time and Money

    While you're out running errands, some things from your to-do list may slip through the cracks. Forgetting to pick up a few groceries for dinner or not getting your car washed are excusable, but forgetting to check on your finances or neglecting to make a bill payment are not as forgivable.

    In order to minimize this problem, you can easily manage your finances using your smartphone, tablet or home computer. Now more than ever, consumers are using their mobile devices to help them manage their lives and save valuable time. One of the most popular ways consumers are using their mobile device is to do their banking.

    According to a report from the Pew Research Center's Internet & American Life Project, 35 percent of cell phone owners are using mobile banking servicesExternal-Link-Notification. While some mobile banking apps offer only minimal functionality, our free app, with our exclusive “Checknology” features, lets you check your balances, track your spending, pay your bills, set alerts, deposit checks, transfer funds, and much more; all from virtually anywhere, 24/7.

    It's like having our entire bank branch right in your pocket. Mobile Banking can be extremely useful when making purchases, small or large. Whether you are standing in the checkout line or just browsing, you have the ability to check your balance to ensure you have sufficient funds, or better yet, set up an alert to notify you when your balance has reached your threshold.

    Deposit Checks from Your Mobile Device

    Heading to the branch to deposit your check can take valuable time out of your busy day and cost you gas money. A mobile device can do a lot of things, but physically sending a check to the bank is not one of them. Although you cannot physically slip a check into your smartphone, our mobile app, as part of Checknology, has the solution.

    With our Mobile Check Deposit, simply take a snapshot of the check using your smartphone camera and deposit it electronically. This new technology is taking off across the banking industry. According to Mobile Commerce Daily, more than $40 billion has been deposited through mobile bankingExternal-Link-Notification. You no longer have to rely on the traditional bank hours to deposit checks.

    Make Bill Payments Easily, from Your Mobile Device

    Bills can be a pain, but if you put off paying them, you could see a late charge show up on your next statement. Or even worse, missing payments can negatively affect your all-important credit rating. You could log into every single one of your bill providers' websites to set up automatic payment withdrawals, but that can take a lot of time and is a very tedious process.. Instead, you can use our Bill Pay feature to easily organize, make and track all of your bill payments in one place, right from your mobile device or home computer.

    Use Some or All of Our “Checknological℠” Tools to Simplify Your Life

    While paying bills and depositing checks on your smartphone can make your life a lot easier, it won’t be very useful unless you track and keep a close eye on your financial activity.

    Our mobile banking app can do so much more than just help you transfer funds from your savings to your checking account. According to Javelin Strategy, 59 percent of banking customers use personal financial management toolsExternal-Link-Notification to learn more about their accounts and how to organize and budget for their spending. Our Checknology provides you with a comprehensive set of free, mobile and online tools to help you manage your finances and save you time and money. And with free eStatements, you’ll be able to check on your accounts 24/7, and ensure your finances are always in order.