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Q: What is an eStatement

A: An eStatement is your regular bank statement you would normally receive in the mail but instead you receive it online. It helps eliminate paperwork and gives you a quick and easy way to access your monthly bank statement. By turning off your paper statement and receiving all your statements online, you are doing your part to help the environment.

Q: How do I access my eStatement?

A: With Online Banking, your bank statement is located under the "Statements" tab and "View Statements." We'll send you an email notification letting you know your statement is available. If you have never accessed your eStatement in the past, you will need to first sign up to receive eStatements - enrollment is quick and easy and you can immediately begin getting your eStatement online.

Q: How do I sign up for an eStatement?

A: Personal customers can sign up online. Simply log in to Online Banking, click on “Statements” and select "Go Paperless". Tell us where you’d like for your eStatement notification to be sent, and click “Submit”. It’s that easy.

For Business Online Banking customers, please contact your Commercial Banking Services Representative to add access to eStatements.

Q: Do I still receive paper statement?

A: If you sign up for an eStatement you will no longer receive paper statements in the mail. All of your statements will be available online. If for some reason you are still receiving a paper statement and getting an eStatement, please contact the bank to have your paper statement turned off.

Q: How long are statements available online?

A: eStatements are available online for up to 7 years.

Q: If I currently get images of the checks I write on my paper statement, can I get them on my eStatement as well?

A: eStatements will be the exact same as your paper statement. If you currently receive images of your checks written in your paper statement, you will still get images of those checks on your eStatement. If you have an eStatement without images of checks on it and would like to receive images of checks, please contact the bank.

Q: Can I print my eStatement?

A: Yes. You may print your eStatement?

Q: Can I save my eStatement?

A: Yes. You can save eStatements to your computer.

Q: What program on my computer do I need to be able to view an eStatement?

A: To view an eStatement online, you need Adobe Acrobat Reader installed on your computer. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you may click on the Adobe link from our website to be able to download the current Adobe Acrobat Reader.