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  • Business Loans

    Experience a variety of lending products that are designed to help your business finance its growth as well as day-to-day operations.


    Real Estate Loans

    We offer a variety of commercial real estate loans to assist customers with their business and financial objectives. Our loan officers are experienced professionals who have the ability to structure a real estate transaction with terms that are specifically designed to accommodate the cash flow needs of your business.

    • Income Producing Properties
    • Land Acquisition and Development
    • Owner Occupied Business Properties
    • Special Purpose Real Estate

    Commercial Construction Loans

    Finance all your construction needs with the added convenience of a loan that allows you to match the maturity of the note with the completion of the construction.

    • We offer loans to professional builders for the construction of single family, multi-family and commercial properties
    • Our loan officers will provide assistance for borrowers in developing intermediate and permanent financing plans

    Machinery and Equipment Loans

    We make loans to finance all types of business needs including some of the most common machinery and equipment like:

    • Commercial machinery
    • Commercial vehicles
    • Office equipment and furniture
    • Computers and communications technology
    • Heavy equipment

    Repayment terms are designed to meet the financial needs of the customer, with consideration given to the useful life of the asset financed.


    Leasing can help you and your business acquire equipment with little or no down payment while taking advantage of tax benefits and flexible terms. We have a number of loan solutions that are designed to assist you with the leasing process. With our help, you can quickly and efficiently get your business up and running with the equipment you need.

    Letters of Credit

    We provide letters of credit to customers who need to show proof of their credit standing. Some types we offer are:

    • Standby Letters: These are a substitute for a surety bond and provide credit support to our customers for their suppliers and clients
    • Trade Letters: Gives enhanced credit standing to our customers to facilitate their purchasing and sales activities

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